Did you know that the best a child can see by the age of 8 will be the best they can see for the rest of their life? That is because vision is a learned phenomenon, it is not a skill that you born with which is a common misconception. Therefore many parents make a critical error in bringing their children for their first eye exam far to late and thus creates a potential for their child’s brain to not reach its full potential to develop and process vision. This is why amblyopia (commonly known as “Lazy Eye”), is the leading cause of vision loss under the age of 40. It is greater than all other eye diseases and injuries combined! Having your child’s eye’s examined in their first 8 – 12months and then on an annual basis after that is crucial in preventing this type of vision loss.

In our child eye exam we use different instruments, skill sets and tools to examine their eyes than we do with adults. We recognize that children are different and some have different needs and therefore need a different type of exam that needs more time and care. If your child has special needs please inform us when you book your appointment so that we can set aside an appropriate amount of time for them.

Conditions or Diseases that will be checked for in your Child’s eye exam:

  • Retinal Eye Health
  • Front Eye Health
  • Tear drainage (Punta) is open and clear
  • Eye Coordination (Eye Teaming Skills)
  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
  • Strabismus (Eye Turn)
  • Colour Vision testing

CVC will be creating a Vision Therapy Program for those to need have difficulty with eye turns, lazy eye and needed to develop eye coordination skills.

Eye See Eye Learn Program is an innovative program created by the Alberta Association of Optometry to help educated children, parents and teachers about eye health and eye safety. Calgary Vision Care endorses this program and will be doing school outreach screens to help ensure children are seeing well enough to learn efficiently. To have a screening done for the children at your school or kindergarten kindly email: Office@Calgaryvisioncare.com or call our office at (403) 457–3935. If you would like more information about the “Eye See Eye Learn” program kindly contact the coordinator of the Alberta Association of Optometrists at (780) 451-6824. For those kindergarten students in need of eyeglasses, they maybe eligible for one free pair of eyeglasses when prescribed by an optometrist, contact the coordinator for more details.